How to: Take Professional Pictures/ Mock Up

How to: Take Professional Pictures/ Mock Up

Ever wonder how everyone gets such nice pictures of their items and you can't seem to figure it out? Well it is very simple and I will show you to do so.

I will describe in steps with pictures how you can take your very own professional photos.

1. Begin by clearing a wall space somewhere in your house. It is best to have natural light but if you have lamps that you can point in the direction of the area it works as well. 

2. Start placing the backdrop making sure it is not parallel to the ground. (see images below on how to place). Leave a bit of a curve to the backdrop. This allows the lines to flow from the top to the bottom and doesnt cause a right angle in your images. 

  slouched back drop

3. Tape the top part and the bottom part at desired location. I tape it straight on top and then place the bottom where I want it and tape it to the floor to make it easier to place items and so the backdrop doesn't move. 

top part of the backdrop, taped to the wall


4. Voila your backdrop is set up and should look something like this.

Image of back drop set up


5. Now it is time to place your items to take pictures of them. (This is where lighting is very important. You can place your items alone or with accessories but be sure to specify in your listings that the accessories are not included and cannot be purchased if you do not offer them.)

TIP: For Mock up pictures, try to get the image as straight on to the camera as possible to make the item look flat. It makes it easier to mock up your svgs.

 Freezie Holder

Wine glass/ wine bag  

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