Cricut tools… Which are my fav?

Cricut tools… Which are my fav?

For those of you also using a Cricut (sorry silhouette users) or are thinking of buying one

I have a list of my favourite must have tools that work fantastic with the machine.
Now I have the explore air, so some of these tools may not work with your machine (like if you are using the Maker for example) but they generally have a Maker equivalent, I will post both links under the pictures.


The Scoring tool

 Cricut scoring tool

This tool changed my life. I used to try to make envelopes and cards and fold them myself and would always end up with crooked lines. This thing creates an indent in your cardstock to make it super easy to fold. No cut line, no marked line just an indent so you know where to fold.

This works with both the air and Maker machines.

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Fine Point pens

Cricut Black PensCricut colourful pens

These are great for writing your own invitations, care cards or just Christmas cards. You just have to insert them in the pen attachment and make sure to select a writing font and voila beautiful writing! I suggest having a pack of coloured pens (for when you are feeling funky and colourful) and a set of black. You will use the black more often than you think and having a back up is always a good idea!

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Cricut 12x24 matsCricut 12x12 mats

You should always have several mats in your stock especially if you are working with cardstock. I find with vinyl the mats don’t get used up as much but with cardstock they definitely do! There are 3 different mats, mostly I recommend the green it does the generic stuff. Blue is for light grip which means things that are dainty like washi tape. And the Purple I use to engrave or hold my leather it is a strong grip. DO NOT USE THE PURPLE FOR CARDSTOCK it will not come off easily and will ruin your project.

12x24inch mats are great for long projects you don’t want to slice up, like ceramic tiles.

These mats can be used with both the explore air and Maker machines.

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Buy in bulk HERE!

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Cricut Maker

Now, I have not used this machine yet but I hear nothing but great things about it. If you are interested in purchasing it I will include the link at the end. The best point I hear about this machine is how it cuts fabric so easily. The explore air and air 2 do as well but it sounds like it is more of a hastle since it needs the stabalize, and with the Maker is does not. I will be purchasing the Maker shortly so stay tunes for those blogs. 

I have included a link here for all the tools that are for the MAKER ONLY! The blades are a bit different and there is fabric makers and other smaller accessories that work great with the Maker.

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