Thinking of buying a heat press... Here is some info

Thinking of buying a heat press... Here is some info

Clamshell Heat Press 

Clam shell heat press

A Clamshell press gets its name from its motion.

It opens upwards like a clam and when shut it clamps down to ensure pressure on your item.

Their design varies compared to the other models. The press has a hinge in between the lower and upper platens, which enables it open or close like a clamshell. The hinge has a pressure knob that is easily adjustable to change the needed pressure on items. 

This can be used for multiple items that have a flat surface (ex: shirts, onesies, towels, blankets…)

This press is manual and requires someone to open and close the lid for every press. It comes in a variety of styles and sizes.

This press falls under the more affordable presses on the market.


Swing Arm Heat Press

Swing arm heat press

This press gets it’s name from the motion the press does once it is fully open.

The top platen swings away from the lower one. This adds benefit when pressing as you can place your items a bit easier and see the design from the top perspective.

These presses often have a 5 in 1 function which allows you to purchase additional accessories separately, like the mug press or hat press) without having to purchase another press.

These presses are built for home and commercial uses.

If you purchase this press ensure that you have plenty of room and use a surface that is not glass. The heat radiating from the press may cause a glass table to crack.



*** Both of these are good for pressing items such as cushion covers, tshirts, onesies, tea towels, bags etc... 

A good tip is to use a teflon sheet over your item between the plate of the heatpress and to also use a pressing pillow (they help absorb seams, zippers etc...) You can find Pressing Pillows Here

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