Tools! Tools! Tools! – Use with any and all cutters!

Tools! Tools! Tools! – Use with any and all cutters!


Black tweezers

Tweezers to weed the vinyl BUT not just any tweezers, this is the 6th pair of different tweezers I try and have stuck with them. These are fantastic; they are perfect for weeding big or small items. Very easy to use and comfortable in my hands, I should mention my hands are not very big so some of the tools I disliked just didn’t fit right in my hands.

I bought these tweezers from a craft fair over 3 years ago and they are still lasting just as long. I told Deb to get them in stock because people would love them. So you can actually get them right here on here is the link to them directly for you!


Weeding cup

Blue Weeding cup

This thing is magical when paired with the tweezers! You put it on your hand (like a ring) and you put all the little pieces you weed in there instead of sticking them to you. To empty it simple move the flaps and ta-da all clean.

This has been a lifesaver. 


Cricut spatula and scraper combo

Scrapper and spatula set

These things are perfect when working with cardstock. The spatula makes lifting what you cut a breeze. It doesn’t manage or bend your design. Perfect for anything you cut that is small.

The scrapper is great for lifting the leftovers from your cardstock or vinyl that got stuck to your mat. I also use it to lift bigger items

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Pressing Pillows

5 pc Pressing pillow set

For those of you using Iron-On or HTV vinyl I would highly recommend using pressing pillows.

They are great for absorbing seams (when making tshirts and onesies) to get an even press.

Whether you are using a home iron, the cricut easy press or a heat press they would very well. Makes it easier to press your items without having to worry about the seams.

You can get them here at


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