Watermarking your images… what’s the point?

Watermarking your images… what’s the point?

You often see images watermarked and might wonder why this is so important in the crafting world.

The idea behind watermarking is that no one else will take your image and pass it off as their own.

This can be especially frustrating if you live in the same town/city as the person posting YOUR image claiming it is their work. It could potentially discredit you as a business to your customers.

In order to prevent that we will show you easy ways to watermark your images:


From Your Phone:

Depending which device you have you will have access to different types of applications. Here are some of the ones we have tried and liked. They all have the same basic functions. There are tons of other ones out there as well.

Add Watermark Free Application LogoAdd Watermark free

Photo Watermark free application logoPhoto Watermark

iWatermark+ Free Add Text, Logo, Signature Caption application logoiWatermark+ Free Add Text, Logo, Signature Caption


On The Computer


Pic Monkey logoPic Monkey

This web application is very easy to use and does so much more than watermark images. You will notice our website has some images watermarked with the ‘Design Blanks’ logo. This is how we prevent others from using the images we took and edited ourselves.


Microsoft Powerpoint logo Powerpoint also has the feature now to watermark your images.

Here is a link on how to do it: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/add-a-watermark-to-a-photo-with-powerpoint-2374ae14-b50e-4a7f-9d06-bd82206e16ec

The watermark should not overpower your image or take away from it. It should still be very visible. This allows you to showcase your item without having anyone being easily able to steal your image.


Something to remember:

Those who know how to use editing software can remove watermarks however, this is not a skill that most people posses and including a watermark often discourages others from taking your image and using it as their own.

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