Whats New for 2020!

Whats New for 2020!

A new year is so exciting! What will this year bring? It's also a great time to take a look at your business and make a few changes.

This is one reason that I love taking a long Christmas break from my business. A stretch of days spent cozy at home with my family and pets. It also allows me time to reflect on the last year of business. What did we do really well this year? What do we need to improve? How do we go about that? 

Let me introduce a few new changes we have heading into 2020. 

We have a new Contact Us form on the website. This is a really great one. Normally, we would ask people to message us on the facebook page as our first choice but Facebook messenger is a flawed platform. With multiple people answering messages, it doesn't provide a good filing or cataloging system and sometimes if the person answering didn't know the answer, that message would have to wait until I could get to it but in the meantime, it runs the risk of being buried. Buried very deeply. Our second choice was email but our inbox has had up to 100 new emails in a day from companies, suppliers, and customers. It gets very messy. 

Introducing our new Contact Us Form! Find it at the bottom of the website. If you send us a message through the contact form it will direct it to a very specific region in our email and we have a filing system set up there. People have been using it over the holidays and it is working beautifully! This is now our first choice for contacting us. 

You might also notice our new Return Centre. Use this if you need to report receiving an incorrect item an item with substantial damage. Please make sure you are familiar with our return policy first. 

Last but not least. We are excited to announce our bulk pricing options. You have been asking and we will work hard at getting these new pricing grids up on our listings. 

This feels like a fabulous start to a new year. 2020 promises to be amazing. 

Watch for new 2020 product announcements coming soon!

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