Wooden Blanket Ladder

Us crafters tend to dip into several type of crafts and not just stick to one and if you are anything like me you have tons of crochet/knitted blanket hanging around your house. What better way to store them then on display... so I decided to make a Wooden Blanket Ladder and figured I would share with my fellow crafters.

Here is what you will need:

  • (1) 14′ long 2×4 or you can use 2 pieces that are 8′ long 2x4s
  • (1) 6′ long 2×3 
  • Wood Screws -  I use 2 per side per each bar across for a total of 16.. make sure to have a few extras just in case. I used 3 inch wood screws. 
  • Wood stain or paint – I used 
  • Sander - you can do this by hand if need be, just goes faster with the sander.
  • Saw - this may not be necessary if you can get the people at Home Depot to cut them for you.
  • Power drill 


Step 1:

Cut pieces to length

  • cut your 8' long 2x4 pieces to 6.5' (or keep them at 8 feet depending on long you want the ladder to be, if you keep it at 8' I would add an extra middle piece)
  • cut your 2x3 into (4) 1.5' pieces


Step 2: 

Sand down all your pieces, make sure there is no little pieces sticking out, they will get stuck in your blankets.


Step 3: 

At this step you can either start putting it together OR you can stain it first. 
I stained mine first to make sure all nooks are filled with stain. Keep extra stain to patch any small parts that need touched up once put together.

I did 2 coats on each side of the wood. I left it to dry overnight between coats.


Step 4: 

Lay the pieces out (the diagram below will show you the spacing I followed from an online image), you can change the layout based on what you will be putting on it or to make it aesthetically pleasing to you. 

Step 5:

Screw everything together, I made the pieces parallel to the floor but you can put them on an angle if you prefer. Try hanging your blanket on the cross bar in your hands to see how you want to angle it. 


Step 6: (optional)

Angle the legs, this can be done by turning your mitre saw to the right angle. This step will differ depending how far away from the wall you decide to put your ladder. In this step you could also angle the top of the ladder to have it sit flush with the wall. this makes the ladder more stable.

 side angle of a blanket ladder

Step 7: 

Hang your blankets and be very proud of yourself. This ladder will be an excellent conversation starter and a perfect way to showcase the lovely blankets you have laying around the house. 


Good luck! I can't wait to see everyone's version of this ladder!


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