10 Mermaid Sequin Cushion Covers

10 Mermaid Sequin Cushion Covers-Design Blanks SALE

Design Blanks

$23.95 $60.00

This is for 10 random mermaid sequin cushion covers. These will NOT be suitable for sublimation as no white sequin covers will be included. Some people have success doing sublimation using black images on silver or cream sequins but we can't guarantee your success. 

We are getting to the bottom of the pile! You will see less selection in your bundle. Lots of cream/burgundy left but that's my fave one ♥ It was the most popular and we did order more of it.

These are satin back and suede back cushion covers approx 16x16 in size. 

Mystery Bundle Items are not eligible for return or refund.