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Glass Bottle with Cork - Multiple Sizes

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These are plain glass jars with cork lids. 

The short & wide jars are perfect with our mini jute totes to make kits for the tooth fairy. These ones have a nice wide opening to easily accommodate all sizes of baby teeth. Trust me! I have tested them. Even the baby molars fit in here. You don't want to sell tooth fairy kits that don't accommodate all sizes of baby teeth.

The tall & slim jars at Christmas can make adorable earring containers and I sold out at the Royal Winter Fair! Pinterest has many great ideas for these. This size will also accommodate all sizes of baby teeth but are on the larger side, I prefer the short and wides for the tooth fairy.

The mini hand blown coloured glass jars are wish jars. They look stunning with a dandelion fluff inside or make into a wishing necklace by wrapping a wire around the neck. 

You could get creative and customise with vinyl. Share your ideas in our Facebook group!

The tall & slim jars measure 30x60. The short & wide are 22x60. The hand blown wish jars are 19x23.

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