Triggerjet Nozzle

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The TriggerJet Nozzle is a pressure spray nozzle with a flat spray trajectory that can be used with a standard garden hose connection for washing out your Ikonart stencil films. If you have a laundry sink in your house or if you are able to get a hose adapter for your kitchen/bathroom faucet, the TriggerJet Nozzle can make washing out your Ikonart stencil films much faster compared to using a standard kitchen sink sprayer. 

Note: This durable polypropylene nozzle can simulate the equivalent of approximately 150 PSI (10 bar).

Hooking Up Your TriggerJet Nozzle

You will need to use a faucet adapter and hose with this TriggerJet Nozzle. The adapter will depend on what faucet you are trying to attach the nozzle to.



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