Mermaid Cushion Cover Maintenance

Mermaid Cushion Cover Maintenance

We've had a request for instructions on how to clean our Mermaid Cushion covers. We figured if one person was asking a few might be wondering so here goes: 

Since the pillows are decorative they are not meant for sleeping and might not need to be washed.

But if you do please remember:

  1. Don’t pull on any string, this will tear out some sequins, simply take a needle and sew the string in.
  2. Stains: use spot wash with soap and warm wet cloth.
  3. If stain cannot be removed hand washing in cold water with hand wash friendly detergent would be the next option.
  4. Sometimes this also doesn’t work so they can (not recommended) be washed in the washing machine. Make sure to put the pillow inside out in a mesh lingerie back and wash on a gentle cold cycle. **This should only be used as a last resort method.

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