About me and the adventure that I call Design Blanks - Deb Birdie Summers

About me and the adventure that I call Design Blanks - Deb Birdie Summers

Hi, I am Deb but I am also known as Birdie to the people who love me most. I am the owner of Design Blanks. 

I operate Design Blanks out of the beautiful Beaver Valley in Ontario, Canada. I am married and Mum to two amazing teen boys. 

Design Blanks opened early 2017. What started as a modest little business is turning into a full wholesale craft and blank supply company. In September 2017 I moved into a warehouse space and gave my family their house back. In January 2018 we became an authorised retailer of Siser Vinyl. This was the next logical step.  It's the perfect compliment to all of the Design Blanks blank products! Our next step was to add sublimation blanks to our inventory.

I am fortunate to have an amazing team of strong, smart woman around me. They are the glue that helps me hold this whole thing together. I love that I get to spend so much time with them and call it work. I have always believed that the secret to success is to surround yourself with people that are smarter than you.

So indulge me as I give a few shoutouts, 

My superstar moderators that moderate our craft forum like nobodies business! They have that forum organized by hashtags and don't miss an opportunity to help and advise. Their bubbly personalities are just a joy to be around. Come for advice but you will stay for the laughs and camaraderie. I should warn you ... not only are they a crafty bunch they are also enablers that will have you trying so many new things! 

My super duper warehouse packers that make me wish that every day was a packing day. These ladies have me in stitches. I love when they are here. They have never flinched no matter how big a mess I make or how big the order piles are. Most days we are re-organizing and moving stuff around on them to make room for new products. They roll with it seamlessly. I love that they get to see first hand the full evolution of Design Blanks.

My MVP operations manager.  This girl isn't here as often as I like but she plays a very valuable role. She is familiar with every process from start to finish and helps plan warehouse improvements. She shines in receiving and assigning new products warehouse space. She works hard to keep our inventory on track. When she is here it means business! She works hard to whip everything back into shape. When she arrives it's 'Hair up, guns out' because it's about to get real. 

My favourite assistant in the world. This girl handles everything I throw at her with grace and ease. She encourages me on days I need it, listens to my rants on days when I need to vent. She does a happy dance with me from a province away to celebrate the victories. She helps me think around obstacles. She constantly encourages and challenges me. She wrangles customers and makes my days incredible and productive. She is a force to be reckoned with and I would be lost without her ♥

My best Dad! My dad is the vinyl man and so much more. He is the main vinyl cutter around here. He has built the best vinyl organizing and storage system. When he isn't in the vinyl zone you can find him out on the warehouse floor. Organizing us or building something to improve operations. I'm a lucky, middle-aged, Daddy's girl to hang out with this awesome old curmudgeon most days.

It takes a team and every day I am grateful that I have the very best one. 

Hey, here is a pic of me and my other half. He is also a member of my support team. he has supported me for 25 years. He just wishes that I was in the business of making money and not the business of spending money. Husbands.... am I right!


Thanks for stopping in. I am glad that you are here!



Nov 16, 2020
nancey mclauchlan danyle mom

awesome web site debbie lee ,

Mar 19, 2018
Deb Summers

Thanks, Mum ♥ Everyone knows that if your Mum says it then it must be true xo

Mar 15, 2018
Penny summers

Debbie (birdie ) Summers is my daughter .I am so proud to see how she handles her business and her employes andher buyers .I have watched her grow this business and seen most of her productsShe takes every order as if it was her own and she trys her best to get every order out as efficent as possible. Anything anyone wants she will do her best to get it And is very happy when she can .Again I am very proud to call this hard working young ladie my DAUGHTER.

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