ADD-ON FEE - Only to add on to an order already placed

ADD-ON FEE - Only to add on to an order already placed - Design Blanks

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ADD-ON FEE - a 2 step process

STEP 1 - Add this Add- On fee to your cart 

STEP 2-  use ADD-ON as your coupon code at checkout. This removes your shipping fee from this order.

You must complete both steps for an add-on order to work. Our system will cancel your order if one step is missing

WHAT IS AN ADD-ON? - you can add to an order you have already placed and we will ship them together. Handy if you forgot something!

Cheaper than 2 full shipping fees. This combined shipping option can be used as many times as you like as long as you have an open order that you paid a full shipping fee for.

HANDY TIP - Please log-in to your account and confirm that your original order has not shipped before placing an add-on order. 

* If the ADD-ON Fee is used but our system cannot find an order to add-on to your order will be canceled. 

** Be aware that in certain cases we won't be able to honour your add-on order. For example, if your order has already been packed or labeled it will be too late and we will contact you with options.
It is important to note that an Add-On fee is a convenience fee and does not apply to your cost of shipping.