IKONART is coming to Design Blanks Canada!

IKONART is coming to Design Blanks Canada!

THe IKONART custom stencil kit gives you the freedom to make reusable silk screen stencils in just 3 easy steps: Print, Expose, Rinse.


Everyone wants to stand out from the crowd. IKONART Stencil Film is a revolutionary silk screen light-sensitive film that gives you the ability to showcase your unique personality by creating custom stencils in just three easy steps. First, print your artwork, then expose your stencil film using our UV light stand, and finally wash out the exposed film to reveal your custom, reusable stencil! 


Anyone who has made a vinyl stencil understands the tedious process of weeding. Well we are here to say, weed no longer! Our mesh stencils hold fine details (with islands and without bridges) while being both reusable and repositionable. Stop using the same pre-imaged stencils that everyone else is using. Customize your stencils with any artwork you want with the IKONART Custom Stencil Kit.


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