Make your own Colouring Pillow

Colouring used to be something only kids did but adults are now joining in on the fun!

You can colour pretty much anything now so why not create your own Cushion Cover to colour with permanent/fabric markers.

This makes such a cute gift for anyone really!

Depending what you decide to put on the cover it can be as simple or as complex as you desire.

These cushion covers make a great conversation piece. 

Things you will need:

  • Cushion cover
  • Heat Transfer Vinyl (colour of your choice)
  • A cutting machine (you can always cut by hand but it might get tricky)
  • The image (outline ONLY) you want to put on the cover
  • A heat press (or the Cricut Easy Press or a home iron)


Step 1 :

  • Upload your image into the program you use to cut (In this case I am using Cricut Design Space)
  • Make sure your image does not have a background, if it does remove it with the cleaning tool

Step 2:

  • Measure your cushion cover and decide how big you want the image to be (you can add several images or just one it is up to you)
  • Enlarge your image in your cutting program to the size you desire


Step 3:

  • Place vinyl on cutting mat and load into machine
  • Cut the image and weed (this is usually the fun part!)

unicorn HTV transfer         Stars and TESSA cut out in vinyl

Step 4:

  • Pre heat Cushion Cover for 3-10 seconds (depending on your heating device: 3 for a heat press, 5-10 for easypress and iron since they don’t have the same amount of heat)
  • **** If pressing with the Cricut Easy Press or a home iron, Iron on in sections for best adherence

 heat press

Step 5:

  • Apply vinyl to cover
  • Cover with Teflon Sheet (or parchment paper)
  • Press the image into the Cushion cover

vinyl on cover ready to press              teflon sheet covered image

Step 6:

  • After pressing remove Teflon Sheet
  • Remove carrier sheet and repress with Teflon sheet for another few seconds.

unicorn image on cushion cover                   

And VOILA! You have your very own Colouring Cushion Cover!



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