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Country Chic - Fancy Frock

Country Chic Fancy Frock. 

Fancy Frock is a light, icy blue color that goes so beautifully with springtime florals 🌸🌼

I really love this colour so I used it on 2 different projects. 

First I took home a damaged panel sign. It had a visible indentation. A quick coat of paint, then I filled in the dent by mixing a small amount of Fancy Frock with Country Chic texture powder. It only took one swipe of my mixture. It dried very quickly and with a light sanding, it was almost invisible. Keep this in mind because it's a great way to fill in furniture imperfections that you might come across. 

Next, I did a light sanding to smooth out any brush strokes. This paint goes on like butter but in this case, I cut corners and used a teeny 1" foam brush. This required me to go over the surface too many times. Completely avoidable had I not been in a hurry and used the right tools for the job. I used a light application of natural wax. I always use a light coating of wax on my signs. A quick application followed by a light buffing to remove any excess. It ensures that your stencil won't lift any paint when repositioning or removing. I also feel it helps prevent bleed.  followed by my sign stencil. 

I chalked that up as a success and moved on to a bigger project. 

I love the shape of this old dining chair but I didn't love the old scratched and worn finish. I gave it a light sanding with one of our small sanding blocks and applied the Country Chic Fancy Frock with the Country Chic painting sponges. They are really great at getting in and around the spindles and odd shapes. I was impressed with how quickly I could get a coat on using the sponge. This was 2 coats and I couldn't wait to take my after picture! I will go back and do a few touch-ups but I don't know if another full coat will be necessary. My next step will be to finish with a protective coat of wax. I just can't decide between the natural wax and the white wax. Decisions, decisions. 

Both of these projects were completed using a 4oz size of Fancy Frock. I don't expect to have any left after the final touch-ups. Get your own 4oz Fancy Frock 





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