Sublimation Printing on Design Blanks Bunny Bags

Sublimation Printing on Design Blanks Bunny Bags

Easter is fast approaching and these bags are just too cute not to make.

This blog is a step by step instruction on how to sublimate these beauties.

(Psst, if you are more visual you can check out the video here)


What you will need:

  • Polyester SUBLIMATION bunny bags (can be purchased from Design Blanks here)
  • 9x9 pressing pillow (can be purchased here)
  • Tracing/sketching paper
  • Measuring tape
  • Sublimation image (make sure it is mirrored!!)
  • Scissors (these are optional)
  • Heat tape (again optional)

1. Measure your bag to the size of image you want and print your image (we recommended 6.5 x 3.5 inches for the face however if image says HAPPY EASTER or something that doesn’t need to be centered you can make it bigger)

2. Insert pressing pillow in the bunny bag. Make sure that when it inserted the area where the image will be is not obstructed by anything inside the bag. Ex: make sure the strap is BEHIND the pressing pillow. If not your image risks having lumps or curves in it.

3. Place your image on your bag and make sure it is lined up where you want the image to appear on the bag. I find this is easiest to do if image is cut around.

4. You can now use heat tape to secure the image (this is optional)

Now is time to press!!

5. Bring your bunny bag into your heat press that is set to 200C for 45 Seconds.

6 . Place tracing paper over the bunny bag to protect from the heat press.

7. Press with medium pressure

**Be careful when pulling everything out of the heat press it is VERY hot**

8. Peel/pull off paper (you can now toss the paper out)

9. VOILA! Finished bunny bag with a cute face!


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