Sublimation Printing on Boxer shorts

Sublimation Printing on Boxer shorts

This blog is a step by step instruction on how to sublimate boxer shorts for your favourite man!

(Psst, if you are more visual you can check out the video here)

What you will need:

  • Men’s SUBLIMATION boxer shorts (100% polyester) (can be purchased here)
  • 9x9 pressing pillow (can be purchased here)
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors (optional)
  • Heat tape (optional)
  • Printed sublimation image (make sure your image is mirrored)
  • Sketching/tracing/butcher paper


How to:

1. Measure your bag to the size of image you want and print your image (we recommended 7 x 2.5 inches for writing on the thigh of a 2XL, depending on placement area the size will be different.)

2. Cut image out of the paper, this makes it easier to place and align.

3. Insert pressing pillow inside the pant leg, make sure to add a piece of sketching paper INSIDE the pants ABOVE the pillow to prevent any ink transfer to the other side of the pant leg.

4. Place image on pant leg and tape using heat tape (this step is optional)

5. Put boxer shorts in the heat press (make sure to check the image is still in the right place and elastic is on the outside of the heat press to not shrink or melt the elastic), cover with a sheet of sketching paper.

6. Press with medium pressure at 200 C for 45 seconds.

**Be careful when pulling everything out of the heat press it is VERY hot**

7. Peel/pull off paper (you can now toss the paper out)

8. All done!! Check out your new boxers!


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