Thinking Outside the Box - Part 1

Thinking Outside the Box - Part 1

Everyone loves the traditional (and super cute!) Easter buckets and bags at Design Blanks. But, do you think outside the box? 

This is a perfect season to flex your original design ideas. After the rush of Christmas, you might find that you have a nice lull in your orders. Take some time to get back to your original ideas and designs and reconnect with your love of crafting.  

I took some me time today and put this together. I love it! Cute, trendy and practical.

I feel like this is the perfect spring bag for any sophisticated pre-teen to adult. 

Your customers will love and appreciate your original ideas. People will borrow them eventually but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. You are welcome to use any of our ideas. 

I used one of our platinum glitter bottom, cotton canvas totes. A Geo bunny design from The Hungry Jpeg (pop into our forum and the lovely Marie will hook you up with her link). I added a faux fur bunny puff pom-pom.

I feel excited and inspired. It's a relief after a very hectic holiday season to feel like I'm getting my groove back. So, now I'm working on a second 'out of the box' idea. Stay tuned!

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