Thinking Outside the Box - Part 2

Thinking Outside the Box - Part 2

Did you catch the first 'Thinking outside the box' post? This was the second project that I created that same day.

For this project, I used what is traditionally referred to as our beach bag but it's an all around great bag. Not just for the beach! It is deep and lined inside. Our leading moderator Marie hooked me up with a link to the perfect bunny svgI used my favourite Siser white StripFlock. I wanted the look of a nice thick vinyl and I love the fuzzy Siser StripFlock. I almost went with a Siser White glitter HTV but I knew that I wanted a pom-pom tail so I had to pull myself back a little and remind myself that sometimes less is more!

Next decision, what colour pom-pom tail?

     white or pink?      

I thought for sure that I was going to prefer pink but that day I was feeling the white. The pom-pom is just one of our pom-pom keychains with the hardware removed and sewn on with a simple stitch. 

Super cute!! Go exercise your creativity.... hop to it :) 


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