Ikonart Custom Stencil Kit 3.0

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Create custom stencils with the complete Ikonart Custom Stencil Kit! This revolutionary kit contains a silkscreen stencil film designed to make reusable, custom stencils at home. Ikonart Smart Screen Stencils are the fastest, smartest, and easiest way to create custom stencils in three easy steps - print, expose & rinse.

Ikonart Kit 3.0 Features (compared to 2.0 Kit)

  • Removed 5-sheet pack of blue stencil film
  • Added 6-sheet combo pack of blue and purple film - now you can try both!
  • Added 2 oz. jar of Etchall Etching Crème

    Ikonart Custom Stencil Making Kit Includes:

    Exposure Stand (dimensions when setup 14" W x 14" L x 18.5" H)
    UV LED Light (120 Voltage, 30 Watt, 3 prong cord - rated for 85-265V AC)
    Ikonart Stencil/Textile Film Combo Pack - includes 3 sheets of Ikonart Stencil Film and 3 sheets of Ikonart Textile Film (10" x 12" sheets, Made in the USA)
    2 Clear Exposure Sheets (inside combo film packet)
    Inkjet Printer Film (8.5" x 11" 5-Sheet Pack, Made in the USA)
    Laser Printer Film (8.5" x 11" 5-Sheet Pack, Made in the USA)
    Ikonart Clipboard
    Ikonart Plastic Squeegee
    Etchall Etching Crème (2 oz)
    Exposure Stand Setup Guide
    Quick Start Guide
    Printed Inkjet Sample
    Finished Stencil Sample
    Coupon code for the free Ikonart Stencil SVG Starter Bundle from So Fontsy - includes 30 free svg design files ($90 value)
    Coupon code for $100 credit in the So Fontsy Card Redemption Section - with over 3,000 SVG designs and fonts to choose from ($100 value)
    SDS for Ikonart Stencil Film available upon request

      A good stencil starts with good artwork. Read our High Quality Artwork Guide before making your stencils. Depending on if you have an inkjet or laser printer, please also read our Inkjet Printer Guide or Laser Printer Guide for printer setting recommendations, artwork tips, how to troubleshoot common problems and printer recommendations.


      Post-exposing our Ikonart Stencil Film will increase the durability when reusing your stencils! After you washout and dry your stencil for the first time, just pop it back under the exposure light for a minimum of 2 minutes (we recommend 2-3 minutes; you cannot over post-expose the film). This step is absolutely necessary to increase the durability when washing and re-washing your stencil for multiple uses. Originally we had recommended 30 seconds, which is plenty of time if you are only using the stencil once, or if you are very gentle when you washout. However, 2-3 minutes will give you more durability for a wide variety of washout conditions.


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